Meat Packaging Machine

Meat packaging machine manufacturers can vary dramatically from one to another. As you shop for meat packaging machines for your operations, you have to do your due diligence. In Turkey, HaDarom, Israel, we have become the go-to manufacturer due to the various series of thermoformers that we have.


At Cehuma, we’re your packaging machine manufacturers that create horizontal thermoform fill seal machines, form fill seal machines, and more. Whether you’re looking to seal containers for food, medical equipment, or anything else, we have the capability to show off. You’ll soon see why our machines are top notch.


We’ve worked with a number of premium factories, providing them with the equipment that goes on to produce jelly and jams, water, cream cheese, drinkable yoghurt, and so much more.

Let us show you how we’re different from other manufacturers. Download a product brochure today or contact us for more details.

CM Серия Приложения

CM Серия Приложения

CM Серия Приложения

CM Серия Приложения

Thermoform Packaging Machine
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